Identity Theft

Do I Need a Lawyer If My Identity Has Been Stolen?

Identity theft. We hear about it all of the time nowadays. And as more and more things go virtual, it will be even easier to steal people’s identities. As we do online bill pay, online ordering, and even downloading, our information gets passed along digital just waiting for the right identity theft to snatch up our information and use it to their advantage. The question is, do you need a lawyer if you have had your identity stolen?

More than likely, you probably do not need a lawyer. You can find a checklist online that gives you the exact steps you should take if your identity has been stolen. These steps include contacting the credit bureau and informing them that you believe your identity has been stolen. Next, you should file a police report with your local police. Finally, you need to contact each creditor that appears on your credit report that you know to be a false charge and file a claim with them regarding identity theft.

This process can be long and annoying. Many people can also feel very isolated and angry. Having your identity stolen can feel like the most intense violation of your privacy. It is especially frustrating because you often do not discover your identity has been stolen until there is already some type of problem with your credit. And then once you discover the theft, it can feel like you are falling “down the rabbit hole” as you discover the various ways your identity was used illegally.

Though dealing with the aftermath of identity theft does not truly require an attorney, many people choose to hire an attorney during this time to do the main resolution process for them. This saves the person time, money, and frustration. Moreover, attorneys often have more credentials and clout to be able to get the answers they need to resolve the situations faster than you can.

Attorneys can also resolve any legal matters that may arise. You may find yourself in a civil lawsuit because a creditor is suing you for your money that the thief took out in your name. Or you may discover that the person who stole your identity may have broken the law and there is actually a bench warrant out in your name, even though you are not the one who actually broke the law. These situations may sound far-fetched, but they are legitimate situations that have occurred multiple times. In all of these cases, you need to make sure to have an experience lawyer on your side that has lot knowledge in the area of identity theft.

So, though a lawyer for identity theft will be an extra expense, he or she will save you time and money and energy in the long run by doing the “heavy lifting” of getting your identity cleared and your life back to normal. Though I hope you never find yourself in need of an identity thief lawyer, if you ever do, make sure to hire an attorney to help you through the mess.